In late December of 2019, English newspapers were reporting the news that a prominent Anglican Bishop, Dr Gavin Ashenden, and Chaplain to Queen Elizabeth, had converted to Catholicism. One of the reasons he gave for his decision was the impact that the facts and scientific findings in story of Ron Tesoriero on the Eucharistic Miracle of Buenos Aires had on him.

It is going to be interesting to watch the reaction that this will have in the Anglican ( and Protestant) world.
In essence we have someone deemed worthy to be the religious advisor to Queen Elisabeth , and to her as the head of the Anglican Church, saying in effect, that since the Reformation , Protestants have got it wrong in rejecting Catholic belief about “ transubstantiation”.

Here is a link to one of the articles.

In this article he said ;-

“Investigating claimed miracles .

One of the next discoveries that affected me deeply were the Eucharistic miracles. There are very many, but the most recent are the most interesting because of the science.
On 19 August 1996, a host was found on the floor in a Catholic Parish in Buenos Aires after mass, and as the custom is, was put into a glass of water to dissolve. Instead of dissolving, it bled. The bishop (who became Pope Francis) ordered that it be kept in a tabernacle and watched. It was later sent to a laboratory in the States without any explanation of what it was; just asking, please examine this and tell us what it is.

Dr Frederick Zugibe an expert in cardiology and forensics (who has since also become a Catholic) ran some tests and announced that the specimen was heart muscle, from the myocardium. Whoever the patient was, they had suffered greatly, and the body the specimen had come from had experienced deep trauma.
In my judgment, it was looking like the Catholic Church had been right all along about Mary, and about the Mass.”