A statue of Christ mysteriously weeps and bleeds in Cochabamba, Bolivia.

In the same city, Katya Rivas, a theologically uneducated woman, who bears the wounds of Christ’s crucifixion, writes in a continuous fashion, profound theological teachings, which she says are dictated to her by Christ.

Her writings have the “imprimatur” of her local church.

Mike Willesee, the highly respected Senior Australian Journalist who produced the Fox program, tells of what he saw and filmed of Katya’s stigmata that enabled him to conclude that her experiences were genuine.

A Plea To Humanity


The documentary, ‘A PLEA TO HUMANITY”, presents some of the most remarkable happenings in modern times which will have important implications for both science and religion.

In Cochabamba, Bolivia, a statue of the Crucified Christ, inexplicably has wept tears and blood.

In the same city, Katya Rivas has had appear in her hands, in her feet, and on her forehead, wounds similar to those believed to have been suffered by Christ in His Crucifixion, the stigmata.

Also, Katya, who had never read the bible, and who did not complete her high school education, has written, without theological error, hundreds of pages of profound theological teachings and biblical commentaries which she says are dictated to her by Christ.

Mike Willesee , perhaps one of Australia’s most respected journalists  became interested in examining the claims of Katya Rivas when I presented to him the research I had done over previous years and a documentary that I had made based on that research.

He has, over his career spanning more than thirty years, gained a reputation as a fair but hard hitting investigative television journalist. For many years he anchored and produced a nightly Australia wide current affairs television program. During these years he was my neighbour and I became a personal friend of his and at times, his lawyer.

When I first presented to him my research on what was happening in Bolivia, he remained sceptical, being of the view “these things can’t happen and don’t happen”.

But in May 1998, Mr Willesee accepted the suggestion of mine, that he should go there and see for himself.

It is that journey that he essentially presented in the “Signs from God” program, and retells in my latest documentary, “A Plea to Humanity”.


The story of these happenings was presented in a Fox Network prime time special called “Signs from God” which was broadcast throughout the United States in July 1999 and subsequently in a number of other countries.

The program was produced and co-presented by the well known Australian Television Journalist, Mike Willesee.