Ron Tesoriero was interviewed by Ben Mceachen of Eternity News about his friend journalist  Mike Willesee and his investigation of the Stigmata of Katya Rivas. This was on the occasion of the release of Mike’s book,” A Sceptic’s Search for Meaning “ published after Mike’s death in March 2019.

An Extract

“Tesoriero believes Willesee ended his life on the note of being convinced God is real, at work in the world, and that he had been witness to it. During his interview, Tesoriero expressed his belief that Willesee had been put in a similar position to the disciple Thomas. Famously, after Jesus’ resurrection, he allowed Thomas to touch his crucifixion wounds. That incident of seeing and believing echoes in what Willesee saw 20 years ago in Bolivia, according to Tesoriero.

“I think that in the event of that stigmata, we have been given the opportunity to be like Thomas,” explains Tesoriero.

“I think [God] has given it so that people can, like Thomas, see and believe. And Mike was of that view.”

To see the Stigmata of Katya Rivas that Mike Willesee presented in Signs From God broadcast by the Fox network in 1999 go to –