My Human Heart: Where Science and Faith Collide (Hard Cover)



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Is there a God? Surely this is the most profound question that we as humans ask.

And if there is a God who created us, the universe, and all the laws of Nature, does God follow his own laws? Or as world-renowned Geneticist, Francis Collins asks, ‘Could he not violate them at a particularly significant moment?’

My Human Heart, Where Science and Faith Collide, provides a startling new scientific basis for belief in God as our Creator.

In this eye-opening book, author, lawyer and documentary filmmaker Ron Tesoriero presents compelling evidence from extraordinary cases that he has examined over 20 years where it appears that God has indeed violated his own laws. This could be the book that debunks Darwin and Dawkins as it reveals compelling new evidence and a conclusive settlement to the God versus Evolution debate in favour of Creationism.

Not only does the book investigate whether Jesus has DNA and if it can it be genetically traced to King David but it also examines the possibility that a piece of Communion bread can bleed and become human heart tissue and whether its DNA can be forensically matched to the Shroud of Turin (the believed blood stained burial cloth of Jesus Christ).

Ron Tesoriero takes us from Australia, to the White House, Buckingham Palace, the Vatican, Bolivia, Argentina, Portugal, Poland, Spain and Italy – bringing along the ‘father of Australian investigative journalism’, Mike Willesee, major players in broadcast television, a mystic stigmatist, and a host of leading geneticists and forensic pathologists to test and interpret complex genetic data.

Mike Willesee summed the situation up with these words, “When a Communion host which is bread, bleeds and become living human heart tissue it is not just a “wow” moment. It is a traumatic day for Science”.

Part memoir, part spiritual and scrupulously scientific, My Human Heart, Where Science and Faith Collide, is a compelling narrative of an investigation with monumental consequences for believers, atheists and everyone in between. Does God exist? What is the origin of life? Can life suddenly come into being from nothing? Can bread spontaneously become living human heart tissue? Does this scientific evidence bury Darwin once and for all?

Even if you remain sceptical regarding the miraculous, Heaven and an afterlife, this powerful true story is set to shake up our considerations on faith, science, evolution and our very existence promising deep insights into the fascinating dynamic between the human and the Divine.

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