The book “Eucharistic Miracles of the World : Catalogue of the Vatican International Exhibition” published in 2016, and the Exhibitions of the content of that book which are currently being held throughout the world ,contain certain gross errors and untruths in their presentation of the facts and scientific findings  of the 1996 Eucharistic Miracle of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

In the narrative it is asserted that on March 2, 2004  Dr. Ricardo Castanon  Gomez went to New York ,met with the famous Forensic Pathologist and Heart Specialist , Dr. Frederick Zugibe and produced to him a sample from the 1996 Buenos Aires case to examine. It is further asserted that Dr. Castanon then proceeded to interchange  with  questions and answers personally with Dr. Zugibe about his  findings as he examined the sample under his microscope.

These assertions are completely untrue . Dr. Castanon  did not have a meeting with Dr. Zugibe  to present a sample to test on March 2,2004 nor on  any other date.  At no meeting did Dr. Castanon converse personally with Dr. Zugibe about his findings. Dr Castanon has never met Dr. Zugibe.

The truth is , that on March 2,2004, Ron Tesoriero  emailed a letter to Dr Zugibe in New York, introducing himself as a lawyer working on a case and stating  that he needed a specialist Forensic Pathologist  to identify some material on a microscopic slide that he had in his possession. In the email Ron  advised Dr. Zugibe that he would travel  from Australia to the  USA  solely for the purpose of bringing  the sample to him so that he  could  examine  it in Ron’s  presence.

An appointment  was made for  20th April 2004  for Ron to meet  Dr. Zugibe at his residence at Poughkeepsie , a one hour train ride north of  New York City. Senior Australian investigative television Journalist Mike Willesee accompanied Ron at that meeting .

On 20th April 2004  Dr. Zugibe examined the sample from the 1996 Buenos Aires Case in their presence.  This was the first time Dr. Zugibe  had ever seen or  heard of this case.

His examination, what he had to say about his findings  and the question and answer interchange between Ron , Mike Willesee and Dr.  Zugibe  was documented on  film as it was happening.

It was from what Ron recorded and documented of that meeting that we now have the detail of Dr. Zugibe’s most valuable assessment .

Dr. Zugibe’s formal written  report of his examination was sent by postal mail to Ron in Australia following the meeting .That  report  confirmed that the examination of the sample was carried out by him in the presence of Mike Willesse  and Ron Tesoriero  on 20th April 2004.

What has been falsely presented as an interchange of questions and answers between Dr. Castanon and Dr. Zugibe is a poor attempt to reconstruct what is thought to have been the interchange between Mr. Willesee ,Ron  Tesoriero and Dr. Zugibe at their meeting on 20th April 2004.

The reconstruction is not only deceitful but is incorrect and it conveys many errors that distort, sensationalise and detract from the truth of the story.

The narrative has effectively airbrushed Ron Tesoriero and Mike Willesee out of this story and out of near 20 years of prime involvement  in the investigation of this case – a case  which, on the basis of Ron’s documentation and assessment, may well  prove to be one of the most significant events to have happened in the history of the Catholic Church.

Fortunately Ron has published the truth of his investigation of the 1996 Buenos Aires Miracle from which one can assess  the accuracy of what has been stated above.

  1. A Documentary on the Eucharistic Miracle of Buenos Aires (Official Story) in which the path of the investigation is presented on film as it was happening. This can be seen without charge on this YOUTUBE link

  1. An outline of the facts and scientific findings on this page of Ron’s website

His  website:

  1. The extensive testing, the results and the formal reports relating to the 1996 Buenos Aires Case are comprehensively set out in Chapter 8 of the book UNSEEN New Evidence, the origin of life under the microscope by Ron Tesoriero and Lee Han, published in 2013.
  2. Chapter 12 of The book, “Reason to Believe – A personal story by Ron Tesoriero, published in 2007.

The above books can be read as eBooks from the website ,

On 3rd March 2020, Ron Tesoriero  wrote to the publishers of the book “ Eucharistic Miracles of the World : Catalogue of the Vatican International Exhibition”  asking that their account of the investigation of the 1996 Eucharistic Miracle of Buenos Aires be accordingly corrected.