The Extensive Writings of Katya Rivas

dictated to her by Christ.

The Theological Writings of Katya

Published on the internet free and also available in hard copy at the cost of printing are a number of books of Katya’s writings which she says are dictated to her by Christ.  The writings are dictated to Katya in Spanish (although at times parts or all have been in other languages such as Latin, Polish, Italian and Greek, languages that Katya does not know) and they are progressively being translated into English.

These writings are the most inspiring and informative writings on the faith that I have ever read. 

A person assisting in the translation of one of the books from Spanish to English, summarised the impact on him in these words, “This book is moving in the extreme, not because it contains some new or exciting revelation, on the contrary, but because it reveals the Gospel we thought we knew in a manner so fresh, so immediate, so tangible, so real that we are – unless our hearts are made of stone – profoundly touched and thankful that at the same time Our Lord who is life itself, has been so kind to see fit to approach us again, in this way, through this sweet and humble woman in Cochabamba.”

Catholic Priest and Psychologist, Father Omar Huesca of Miami, who has met Katya and read her writings, in an interview had this to say, “I have met Katya and have asked her certain questions to be able to gauge the scope of her experiences as a mystic and I have been deeply, deeply impressed by her, both in her human aspect, as well as what God is doing in her.  I think it would be difficult for someone that does not have theological training to be able to memorise or to express these theological truths with the simplicity and directness which are evident in the writings.

Also, in the writings I see a great lyrical quality.  It is almost like poetry, yet it is prose but it almost rhymes.  There is a beauty, a lyric aspect to the expressions, even to the grammatical construction that sets it apart from what I feel that someone that sat down to write something like this on their own would use.”

Some might say that if Katya had never read the bible and had never had any theological training, the only way she could write books on biblical commentary and profound theology that contain no doctrinal error, is if she copied the works of other authors.

Katya has now written over 40  books of messages. There have been many witnesses who have seen and filmed Katya writing these books without reference to other material.

The books are a compilation of the messages Katya receives and writes down in her note book.  Her note books are like a running diary and each page has recorded on it the content of the message, and the date and place of the receipt of each message.

For the last 15 years I have been with Katya on a number of occasions and I have filmed her many times while she has been receiving and writing messages.  Messages that I have filmed her write have become part of the books that have been published.

The film recordings that I have made will enable any person to critically examine the method and content of what she writes.  Sometimes the message may be short and have taken a few minutes.  At other times they have been much longer.  The longest message that I have filmed her write went for nearly an hour.  She wrote without pause, without an alteration to any word, something like 14 pages of dictation.  There were others present watching as I filmed.

She started with a blank page in her notebook.  She wrote the first sentence and without stopping, the next sentence, then paragraph after paragraph, and then page after page, without one pause.  She did not refer to any other material or book to write those 14 pages.

If the accusation is that Katya Rivas is a fraud and that she plagiarizes the works of other people then we must ask, from where did she read and steal what she wrote down as I filmed?  Did she memorise it all having read it somewhere else?  Or did she make it up?  When you read the writings that have been published you come easily to the conclusion that a person like Katya who has no theological training could not have made it up on the spot.

If she wrote from memory what I filmed her write then she had to have gained suddenly in her life a superhuman memory that enables her to reproduce at a later time, great theological teachings she has found written elsewhere.  But, from where?

What, for me, clearly demonstrates that the writings are not the product of a superhuman memory or a photographic mind is that I have seen and filmed Katya write highly complex, most informative and detailed messages immediately in response to matters that I have raised, or others in the room have raised, in circumstances where Katya had no prior notice of the subject matter that was being discussed.

Bishop Rene Fernandez, the former Bishop of Cochabamba, who gave the Church’s imprimatur to Katya’s writings has also been a witness to Katya’s experiences.

These experiences are not new in human history.  The closest parallel to what Katya is experiencing is what happened to St Catherine of Sienna in the 14th Century.  St Catherine not only had the stigmata, but also had the experience of having profound theology dictated to her.  Her writings are treasured by the Church.  She was honoured after her death and pronounced a “Doctor of the Church”.  What she received in divine communication became a medicine for the healing of the Church and the Papacy at the time. 

If the Stigmata and Divine dictation have happened before in history, and the Church has recognised these as authentic experiences, then we must remain open to the possibility that these things could happen again, even today.

Ron Tesoriero
Lawyer & Documentary Filmmaker
Sydney, Australia